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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 'Escape Room'?

A game in which participants confined to a room or other enclosed setting (such as a prison cell) are given a set amount of time to find a way to escape (as by discovering hidden clues and solving a series of riddles or puzzles)

Do I need any context knowledge to solve puzzles in the room?

No, other than some basic math (which you can use a calculator for) everything in the room can be fully solved from the information within the room.

Are there age restrictions?

We ask that anyone 17 and under be accompanied by an adult. Other than that, all ages are welcome.

Is Revelation Escapes a permenant location?

Not quite. We have designed our rooms to be portable so that they can be brought to any indoor location and set up (house, church, office, classroom, etc).

However, once per month we offer a traditional escape room experience where we set up the room and customers come to us.

What is the difference between Mobile vs Mini vs Pop-Up

  • Pop-Up: You come to us at a designated time and complete the full length (1 hour) room.
  • Mobile: We come to an indoor location of your choosing and set up our room (half or full version).
  • Mini: Room Duration and clues cut in half, but still the same difficulty as the full length room.

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